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iPhone 5

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The iPhone 5 arrived not long ago which at the time made it one of the first phones to have 4G capability. The iPhone 5 went on sell in the UK as a large cost of £529 and made it Apple’s most expensive iPhone so far.

At the moment the 4G capability in the iPhone 5 only works on the 4G LTE mobile broadband that is currently only available on the Everything Everywhere tariff which was not long ago launched. O2 has said that it hopes the apple will launch handsets that will be compatible with the other 4G network which is due to launch sometime in 2013.



iPhone 5

The New iPhone has a four inch display which holds 1136×640 pixel resolution unlike those before it which had 3.5 inch display that has 960×640 pixel resolution. even though there has been an increase in the screen size the iPhone has been made thinner now at a depth of 7.6mm and weighing only 112g in comparison to all of its predecessors that weighed 140g. Apple has also made changes to all the apps that are included with the handset as wall and the ones that are on sell in the app store such as iWork and iMovie so that they can take advantage of the extra resolutions now available. One of the other features included in the new iPhone is it new processor which is 2 times faster than the one found in the iPhone 4s and a change to the charging port to the handset. Due to this it means any old docks of cables have now been made redundant, but an adapter cable for £30 can be purchased from Apple that will allow you to connect the iPhone to an old dock and speaker sets you may have. Another feature that was upgraded was the camera that is a 8 megapixel camera which also provides a 40% faster photo capture.

The iPhone 5 is available ins either black or white and silver aluminium models and will cost you anything between £529 and £699 depending on the contract you take out.


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